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Santa Maria del Mexicano

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Founded in 1976 by the Colorado missionary, Fr. Clifford Norman, who came with $50 in his pockets and little knowledge of Spanish. Under his constant care, good humor and wisdom the Mission has grown to  comprise four different houses with her own schools.                                                                                                                                       Pedro1.jpg (7487 bytes)


They bring their children when they have nowhere else to turn.    From broken homes or the streets the children come seeking love, acceptance, to belong.  A refuge to escape the neglect , the abuse...

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The aged are our oldest and most precious gifts-for they too are  needy.  For them it is most difficult to ask for help, to accept that they have no one to turn to.



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   They all come needing right values and healthier self esteem.  With dicipline and hard work comes respect for oneself and for others. This is new hope.

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