Meet Our Special Friend And Intercessor in Heaven 

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Saint Philomena

Virgen & Martyr

St. philomena holds a special place among the heavenly friends of Santa Maria.  She was a youngster like our own who gave her life in defense of her purity and love for Jesus. She is a patron saint of all children and the children seek her intercession with our Jesus for all our needs in Santa Maria. She has a fascinating story which we invite you to read as you will hear it in her own words below:



The 3rd century martyrdom of St. Philomena is known only from what we can interpret from the symbols found on her burial tomb and the brief history that the saint herself has revealed through private revelation*.

*   (It is because of a lack of substantial historical evidence regarding the martyrdom of St. Philomena-the saint was only discovered in the 19th c.-which has been verified by the saint's own private revelation (special prophecy not obligatory to be believed by the faithful) that the Catholic Church, in the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, removed her and other such saints from the ordinary Liturgical calendar.

But this is not to say that devotion to St. Philomena necessarily must diminish! We must only recall the famous words of the great Pope and Saint, Pius X, who in 1912, in speaking of his declarations on the validity of her cult, declared it as "being permanent, stable, valid and effective, necessary of obedience, and in full-effect for all eternity…")


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