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  The Society of Our Lady's Mission to the

Lencan Indians 

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in Guajiquiro, La Paz, Honduras   (Padre Michael has relocated to the Belize Mission)

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          May 2001   Guajiquirito_Group2.jpg (33308 bytes)           Farming2.jpg (20783 bytes) June 2001      

     Durasnal.jpg (11875 bytes)  July 2001     August.jpg (6866 bytes)  August 2001


 Party1.jpg (9141 bytes)December 2001   Churchfront.jpg (5619 bytes) February 2002 


May 2002Fog1.jpg (3356 bytes)  June 2002  SanAntonio2.jpg (5835 bytes)        

SaintMichael.jpg (6535 bytes)  September 2002      Grave10.jpg (29002 bytes)   November 2002


February 2003    RosaA1.jpg (17283 bytes)      Easter April 2003     ViaCrucis1.jpg (26280 bytes)   Ma


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Pray for us that this mission can continue its work of evangelization and healing.


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